November 2008

Yes We Hope We Can

Yes We Can.jpgCombining a catch-word and a slogan of the wildly successful Obama campaign seems to be the approach to addressing concerns about the Mets bullpen this off-season.  An article in today’s New York Times, entitled “That Awful Mets Bullpen May Return Intact”, reveals that–because of contract technicalities and a reliever trade market that has dried up–the Mets fans will likely see the same parade of so-called relievers coming in late in games, trying not to undo the starter’s previous work.

I am sympathetic to the plight that Omar Minaya is in.  I also understand that relievers are a strange breed:  a reliever can do really well one year or with one team, not so well the next or in a diffrent environment.  I also understand the rationale that it can be difficult to assess a reliever’s merits, considering the different ways he might be employed by any one manager and the different scenarios he might come in to.

That said, I find this admission on Minaya’s part dispiriting.  I’m not sure the power of positive thinking is going to get us to the post-season.

I don’t think–after two seasons of watching the late-inning fiascos that have occured at the hands of these characters–that the fans are going to have much patience or understanding either.  Another season of walking off the mound to vociferous boos could not be helpful to Aaron Heilman and his compadres finding their good stuff again (if they have it at all.)

Maybe Omar will work his magic and make K-Rod or some other closer a Met, but the team will still be sorely in need of a set-up guy.

I know that, for all the reasons enumerated in the article, and the monetary consideration, of course, this might be the best we fans can hope for.

Making a change just for change itself is not always the best idea.  “The best trades are the ones you don’t make,” is the quote I often hear.

But, borrowing from Barack again, as this frustrated Mets fan anticipates the 2009 season at Citi Field, I am just asking for some kind of change I can believe in. 



051405.03B.jpgIt’s Hot Stove season, the GM’s are meeting, and rumors are flying.  Of course the biggest news in the past few hours is the huge sum of cash offered Manny by the Dodgers.

But the rumor that the Yankees are interested in former Met (now Brewer) Mike Cameron caught my eye.

Mike Cameron was always one of my favorite Mets players.  Not only was he an asset to the team on the field, but I always got the idea that he was a good clubhouse presence as well.

And that’s not even mentioning what a class act he was/is as a person.  That’s him in the photo, by the way, taking all the time in the world to give my then seven-year-old daughter and her Dad an autograph and a picture at a local signing event.

I know in the off-season, lots of scenarios are cooked up that never come to fruition.  I also realize that trades are just part of the fabric of Major League Baseball. 

But, I’m sorry:  I just can’t picture Cami in pinstripes.



“Whoomp! There It Is”

Kevin Garnett’s celebratory exclamations earlier this year–on the occasion of leading the Celtics to an NBA Championship–seem somehow more prescient after last night’s victory by Barack Obama. 

(Yes, I know this is, by description, a blog devoted to Mets and to baseball, but we do, afterall, now have a basketball player as our President-Elect!)