Giving Thanks

446411_1 Maybe not voted so by Sports Illustrated, but in my book, he’s definitely one of this year’s TURKEYS!

This 2007 Turkeys of the Year Photo Gallery is DEFINITELY worth checking out:

And speaking of A-Rod, in honor of the holiday here is a list of things this Met fan is particularly thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day:

  1. That A-Rod is still a Yankee.
  2. That David Wright is still at Third Base.
  3. That at least the Torre and the A-Rod sagas diverted attention from the Mets’ end-of-season collapse.
  4. That Alou, Easley, Castro, and Castillo are all returning.
  5. That Tom Glavine is NOT returning.
  6. That we were able to get rid of Guillermo Mota.
  7. That we were able to GET SOMETHING for Guillermo Mota.
  8. That enough time has passed that the sting of September is almost gone.  Almost.
  9. That, in fact, "There’s always next season."
  10. That CitiField is one year closer to being completed.
  11. That I’m not a Yankee fan.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ALL…yes, even to Yankee fans!!

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It is a great time to give thanks. Especially if you are a Phillies fan! Good luck next season. I look forward to some great games between our teams!

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