June 2007

For Whom the Bell Tolls

I say, keep it silent, all weekend long…just like the  historic cracked one!

Liberty_bell_collage_1 Following up my daughter’s extensive studies of the Revolutionary War period in fourth grade this past year, my family and I are off to Olde City Philadelphia early in the morning to see the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross’s house, and Independence Hall. 

Following that, we will be at Citizen’s Bank Park for the Mets/Phillies game.  We will also be at Sunday’s game.

We’d love to NEVER see/hear this neon bell during our time at the ballpark. 


Keith and Phriend

Besides the two games between the Mets and Phillies today at Citizens Bank Park today, there were some priceless comic moments on SNY-TV unrelated to the games themselves.

  1. Near the end of Game 2 when David Wright and co-conspirators decorated Castro’s hat unbeknownst to him.  (Methinks everyone was getting a tad punchy.  Thank goodness they were able to pull the win out.  Otherwise, this stuff would not have been funny in the least!)
  2. Kevin Burkhardt and the Valentin mustache fans and their T-shirts and seeing Valentin’s face in the dugout when one of the T-shirts made its way to him.  Delightful!Sny
  3. My personal favorite:  when the Philly Phanatic made his way into the Philadelphia TV booth when Keith was making a guest appearance there.  The Phanatic–as might be expected–made a big to-do about this intruder stepping over from the enemy lines. 

I wondered, though, if they sat down over a beer if they wouldn’t just hit it off, Keith and the Phanatic. 

In fact, they might just make great colleagues.  Imagine them both in the booth together:  Keith doing play-by-play and PP doing color (ar ar) commentary!


344_7_27232327ffp643dot3e232_3d48_3d363b_1 Was this the most DELICIOUS, DELECTABLE, DOUBLE DIP, or WHAT??!! 


I don’t mean to be a glutton, but I’ll be back for more–in person–tomorrow!


The fans at CBP are watching the fireworks now (small consolation, I’m sure), but for Mets fans, the two games that preceded the pyrotechnics were FAR more impressive!! 

No Love Lost…

Lovepark_copy_1 …for Jimmy Rollins or the Phillies who are a little too close for comfort right now. 

Let’s show ’em who’s boss right away in the double-header today after that unexpected night’s rest, shall we, guys?!

“Singing in the Rain”


S-c-h-o-e-n-e-w-e-i-s is NOT how I spell relief!


The Mets have a reliever named Scott.

For pitching late innings, he was sought.

I’m not among those who

Now vociferously boo

But his entrance a "relief"?? I think NOT!

Embarrassment of Riches

O.K.  We were always taught that it’s not polite to brag.  And we certainly do not have our slump so far behind us that we can lord these recent wins over everyone else.

However, there’s nothing wrong with counting our blessings, right? 

That said, it’s not easy to single out a single play, feature, or player in thinking about the glorious way the Mets welcomed the Cardinals back to Shea last night.

But since I am limited in time, I’ll mention the first thing that comes to my mind today. 

As a Mets fan, for this–among MANY things–I am grateful today:Bullpens_1

Take a Whiff

072207012_1 Although I certainly don’t like the way this game is going in the 7th inning, I loved seeing Carlos Gomez’s 2nd major league homer earlier in this game.  I loved the run, of course, but I also loved the youthful joy he took in the home run and couldn’t help smiling at Willie later calling him over and taking him under his wing (presumably to advise him not to show up the pitcher next time by watching the ball before the running the bases!)

Thanks to a response posted to an earlier e-mailbag query posted to Metsblogger, the mystery of Carlos’ curious batting ritual has been revealed…if not fully explained.

He’s sniffing his bat "for hits"??!! 

Seeing him constantly sniffing that bat made me think of this hilarious Onion photo from last fall.  THAT would be something to sniff for sure!

On-Deck Prince Fielder Puts Dozen Donuts On Bat

August 31, 2006 | Onion Sports

On-Deck Prince Fielder Puts Dozen Donuts On Bat

Actually, I was kinda relieved to hear that that was all that was involved.  I had been wondering if he was inhaling pine tar or some other substance for some other quick "high" before his at-bat.  Just what we need, I thought:  the youngest player on the team getting started with some kind of personal stimulant that will become addictive and problematic.

But seeing as how it’s nothing like that, I figure it’s now only a matter of time until some marketing executive gets wind of Gomez’s ritual and sniffs a money-making idea: 


Verticalspiral_copy_1 I can see…er, SMELL them now!  They’ll no doubt come in a myriad of colors, coordinated to match a veritable smorgasbord of flavors!

Pictured above are suggestions for a fruit and candy line, but hey, why limit oneself to sweet taste sensations?  Why not some of the salty tastes of the ballfield itself:  pretzel, hot dog, french fries, popcorn, etc.?

What about special limited edition series bats for post-season play?  Especially if–as we hear–the post-season might extend into November, how about turkey-and-gravy?  Pumpkin pie?

Hey, Carlos.  If sniffing your bat gives you hits, you just keep on doing what you’re doing!

LoDuca Bobblehead Day

Loducabheaddevil_2 There once was a catcher named Paul.

Who was sure a called strike was a ball.

It happened once more.

At the the umpire he swore.

And he put on some show for us all.

Funny thing. 

When my daughter pulled her Paul LoDuca bobblehead doll out of its packaging on Sunday afternoon, it didn’t quite look like the the promotional picture on the Mets’ website. 

Not only that, but within moments, the figurine’s head began to turn bright red, the arm started flailing around violently, and steam started coming out of its ears and from under its helmet. 

I mean, she’s grateful for the giveaway and everything, but…

Building Blocks

Abcs_copy_1 What a feelin’!  Friday’s win, followed by a win Saturday, and another Sunday. 

A series win. 


I/we almost forgot what that felt like!

How nice too that Sunday’s game was good FUNDAMENTALS! 

Good pitching, good hitting, good fielding!

What a thrill to see the Mets building one win at a time: building blocks toward a series win and towards getting that "edge" back.

They did so by taking advantage of some opportunities handed to them: 

I submit the letter "A" for the A’s themselves for handily giving us a series and a sweep.  Thanks!

Trevor Buck’s mishandling of Wright’s liner that allowed Castro to score in the bottom of the ninth on Saturday night I chose for "B".

And Cust’s poor throw following Reyes’ 1st inning hit in Sunday’s game, allowing Reyes to jump up after sliding safely into second and round third and go home is my selection for "C". 

Oh.  And Castro is also on there for good measure as well for his contributions in the second game of the series.

Feel free to continue through the alphabet if you wish!  "D" for DiNardo, oops…Cards are coming in now…ummm, let’s see. "E" for Encarnacion, "F" for Franklin.

You get the idea.  The important thing if to just KEEP IT BUILDING. 

Block by block by block by block…